Fees Payable with effect 01 January 2018

Fees payable upon enrolment
Type Infant Care Childcare
  Full-Day Programme Half-Day Programme Full-Day Programme
Registration fee(non-refundable & Include 7% GST ) $160.50
Student Insurance per annum $3.20
Refundable Deposit* $1,274.75 $645.00 $720.00
Total $1,438.45 $808.70 $883.70

Registration fee includes a complimentary set of uniform. Additional sets are available at $26.75 each.

*This deposit is equivalent to 1 month full day infant care / child care fee, subject to ECDA’s approval, and is fully refundable upon a minimum of 8 term-week notice prior to withdrawal. Short of the 8 term week notice, half of the deposit amount will be refunded.

Infant Care School fees per month (before subsidy)

TypeFull-Day Programme
School Fees $1,274.75
7% GST $89.25
Total $1,364.00

Childcare School fees per month (before subsidy)

TypeHalf-Day ProgrammeFull-Day Programme
School Fees $645.00 $720.00
7% GST $45.00 $50.00
Total $690.00 $770.00

For fees for Permanent Residents and Foreigners, please click here.

Cheque payment only – cheques to be made payable to “PAP COMMUNITY FOUNDATION”.

GIRO payments can be arranged for subsequent monthly school fees. Please contact the office for more details.