Inquiry Curriculum Framework


At Hampton Preschool, the children’s contributions, prior knowledge, interests and inquiries, as well as the social and cultural setting, will all shape how a unit of inquiry unfolds. Inquiry is an educational philosophy way of teaching and a unit of inquiry will look different in different schools, in different classrooms and from year to year. During the inquiry process, children will:

● explore, wonder and question

● experiment and play with possibilities

● making and testing theories

● collect data and report findings

● solving problems in a variety of ways

At school, we also strive to provide an environment where children embrace values, develop social-emotional competencies and flourish to become a caring person who contributes positively in the community.


Nurturing Early Learners Curriculum Framework 

We carefully curate our children’s learning experiences by adapting Nurturing Early Learners Curriculum Framework designed by the Ministry of Education too. To ensure that the preschoolers grow holistically, six learning areas are integrated seamlessly into the curriculum. They are:

● Aesthetics and Creative Expression

● Discovery of the World

● Language and Literacy

● Motor Skills Development

● Numeracy

● Social and Emotional Development

We encourage parents and family members to participate actively in the children’s learning and create beautiful memories together with us. If you are keen to be a volunteer, please click here.